Sunday, April 23, 2006

Neo-Talibanism Taking Over Iran

Has any one of you been arrested for wearing what you like? Has any one of you been detained for walking or talking to your girl/boy friend in public?

If you are a westerner reading my blog, the answer is likely NO but if you are an Iranian, the answer is likely YES and the chances of you having been arrested for these so-called crimes by the Iranian militia thugs are very high.

Now, the neo-talibans running Iran after the revolution of 1979 are enforcing the Islamic dress code. I saw the BBC report about it this morning and I thought it is not really serious until I saw photos of it on state-run Mehr News agency and Fars News - more pics

These pictures remind me of the day back in 1980s and early to mid 1990s when the religious militants, basijis and police were out in the streets to harass young girls and boys who just wanted to enjoy a simple natural life as any one else in this damned world.

As a person who was detained twice in Iran for being with his girl friend in public, I am a bit terrified of the pictures I saw and I really feel bad for those young men and women who have to go through this ordeal again.

But let's not kid ourselves... The only solution left for all of us is to put an end to this monsterous regime ASAP.

I am not saying that because they have started this massive crackdown on Iranian youths but because the only viable solution to put an end to the ongoing miseries of the Iranians is to put an end to the reign of the Mullahcracy.

I will keep an eye on this and will keep you posted!

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Anonymous said...

Muslim women are naked underneath those robes, isn't that worse than wearing a pair of jeans?

Joseph Salomonsen said...
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chester said...

Joseph -
Let's hope they are swept into that dustbin very soon