Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A Simple Explanation

There are a few number of misunderstandings between me and some of my Iranian/Persian speaking readers about my stance on the military option against Iran that I need to clarify further through this specific post. Although this is not a Persian weblog and it is never going to be one but I draw the attention of many Iranian readers on a daily basis to my weblog simply because I talk about the Iranian political affairs.

I have never advocated any type of military action against Iran in my weblog because I simply believe the situation in Iran, today, is totally different than countries like Iraq or North Korea.

However, I also believe that war and military campaign is usually the last resort to some issues and if the war is needed to remove any dictator (i.e Hitler, Saddam...etc), then so be it and I am open to it but like I said, war between the west and Iran is not that type of solution I seek to have with respect to Iranian conflict and that is the last thing any body wants to see though.

Indeed an all out support for the freedom loving people of Iran is the best answer to our today problems with the Mullahs. Support the Iranians, who are very tired of this entrenched theocratic regime, to take their country back and war won't be necessary to deal with the increasing threat of the regime.

I just wanted to make my readers sure that I am not for a war against Iran and Iranian people, but I will keep on advocating the removal of the Mullahcracy through any reasonable way because it is important and our very lives depend on this campaign.

احساس ميکنم که سو تفاهمي اينجا ايجاد شده و تعداد قليلي از خوانندگان وبلاگ من فکر ميکنن من خواهان حمله نظامي به ايران هستم و فکر نميکنم کسي اين گزينه رو براي كشور خودش بخواهد. تمام حرف من اين هست که با حمايت از خواستهاي دمکراتيک مردم خسته و رنجيده ايران احتياجي به جنگ و آدم کشي نخواهد بود. اميدوارم که توضيح من کافي بوده باشد


Anonymous said...

For those Iranians who are in love with Cliton, they must read Mark Steyn's latest article:

And let’s not forget Bill Clinton’s extraordinary remarks at Davos last year: “Iran today is, in a sense, the only country where progressive ideas enjoy a vast constituency. It is there that the ideas that I subscribe to are defended by a majority.” That’s true in the very narrow sense that there’s a certain similarity between his legal strategy and sharia when it comes to adultery and setting up the gals as the fall guys. But it seems Clinton apparently had a more general commonality in mind: “In every single election, the guys I identify with got two-thirds to 70 percent of the vote. There is no other country in the world I can say that about, certainly not my own.” America’s first black President is beginning to sound like America’s first Islamist ex-president.


Winston said...

nice find annon

I liked the Mark Steyn's article u posted here

تـــــرنـــٌــــم said...

بابا ایـن مـلت دچـار روانپـریشی شـدن انگار !! هـرکـس رو که مثل خـودشون فـکر نـمیکـنه مــتهـم به یه چـیزی میـکـنـند

Winston said...

دقیقآ همینطوره

سینا مالکی said...

Dear Winston!
many thanks for the new post and your agenda against war. really what;s your idea about itallian election? prody or berlusconi will win the election?

Winston said...

Sina, I don't know.

I know little about Italian politics.

Berlusconi is indeed a weird guy and he is not my favorite politician but Perodi is just another eurowhinnie whom is not my favorite at all in comparison to Berlusconi.

But I guess in this strange battle, I am for Berlusconi's victory but that remains to be seen and it is highly unlikely.

Arman said...

What happend? a change over night? Now you sound "responsible" and "anti-war" all of a sudden! congratulations!!

This "new version" of you doesn't really match with the
note in which you describe yourself on the upper right corner of you blog!!...Change it to something "human".

By the way how could anyone be in favor of Berlusconi, if she/he was given a choice between Berlusconi and Perodi? huh..Go and read world politics my friend.


Amir said...

Hi Winston,
This Arman guy seems quite disturbed.

arman said...

Disturbed about what Amir guy?

Winston said...


Amir, this unknown reader object (URO=UFO) is always here.

yeki nist behesh bege akhe aziz jan, age az webloge man khoshet nemiad chera hey miay mardom azary mikoni?

bande nafesho ba bloge man boridan hatman


Anonymous said...

one big bomb, dropped on the capital building during a major political meeting.....how simple.

bita said...

Dear Winston:

Regarding the entity (ARMAN) and his ilk:: Truth conflicts with their brain washing. They have to build and alternate Reality to rectify their unease with truth.