Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Immadinjihad's speech

I didn't have time to listen to his crap, actually I don't care what mullahs and non-mullah fascists have to say, but I happened to hear parts of his speech at UN general assembley on Hugh Hewitt's show podcast on my iPod this morning while commuting to school.

This guy is the real Hitler in real time, and full of crap, he says he doesn't care about UN and world community just because UN doesn't care about the grievances of the Palestinian, Lebanese or Iraqi people. Ahmadinejad will make Hitler look better if need be. This guy is not mentally ill and I believe he knows what he says and means it. Any ways, I guess he is there to represent people of other countries fortunately, and I am glad he is not speaking on Iranians' behalf.

And the scary part is that he prays to his god for the re-appearance of the savior (12th Imam) and it is just unbelieveable... World has to wake up before it's late.

Believe it or not, Ahmadinejad and Mullahcracy of Iran are Hitlers of our time. And now imagine him with a nuclear weapon threatening the world. Islamic regime of Iran has to be stopped one way or another...

I just don't know what it takes to stop and topple the Islamic regime of Iran.


The Strong Conservative said...

Ahmadinejad ended his speech with this: "O mighty Lord, I pray to you to hasten the emergence of your last repository, the promised one, that perfect and pure human being, the one that will fill this world with justice and peace."

If that isn't scary, I don't know what is. I pray that the left wakes up to the reality we face soon. We could be doomed otherwise.

Chester said...

strong conservative -

There are too many asleep on the right. I hope they wake up too

Anonymous said...

What it will take is an invasion by a more powerful and more ruthless force than the one in power.

Sadly, all the forces that are more powerful are not ruthless enough, and all the forces that are more ruthless are not powerful enough.

Maybe after New York, Chicago, and Washington DC disappear in mushroom clouds, the US will decide to be as ruthless as General Patton. Then again, maybe not. I have no hope at all that any other Western democracy would do anything in the face of nuclear annihilation but submit instantly.

Our hopes may well rest on Japan, though I fear what their victory would be like.

Anonymous said...


Your posts on Ahmadaboutjihad's speech have drawn a toal of 8 comments -here and at the Shotgun.

You need, somehow, to generate more traffic. May I suggest you try again and start your next post with the claim that you had sex with Madonna -and she wasn't very good.

And a detailed explanation of the significance of A's reference to the 12th Imam is crucial. The world appears oblivious to the ominous implications of his speech.

Terry Gain

Anonymous said...

September 21, 2006 – United Nations New York, U.S.

Now with former president Khatami setting the stage of the so-called dialogue between cultures at his red carpet monologue events and staged speeches and answers at the Harvard University School of government, Islamic Republic’s president Ahmadinejad this morning in doing what the deception artists are experts in, avoided answering all questions regarding Islamic republic’s atomic bomb ambitions and again invited the U.S. administration to have dialogue with the Islamic Republic.

Mr. Ahmadinejad, took the opportunity to question the US about its nuclear bomb arsenals and Ahmadinejad found it to be his business to speak on behalf of the Palestinians. He again did not address nor did he acknowledged Holocaust and Israel’s territorial independence.

Millions of Iranians in and out of Iran hope that the western leaders do not fall victim to these dictators illusory deceptive tactics, they hope that the western intelligence along with the historical track record of lies and deceptions, don’t get fooled by these evil attempt of having a dialogue.

Millions of Iranians were and are held hostage by these tugs and have suffered dearly, the Iranian People will continue to suffer and will continue their sacrifices but would not agree that having dialogue with these murderers and violators of basic human rights (equality of man and woman, basic freedoms of speech and thought, religion and a basic right to live) would help humanity.

Mr. Ahmadinejad repeated the word “Justice” at least 2 dozen times in his statements, what he forgot to mention is that Tehran’s District Attorney murdered the Canadian Journalist Zahrah Kazemi a few years back and is walking the streets free and without prosecutions, Ahmadinejad also forgot to mention that there are thousands of woman who silently stood to protest for their equal rights and they were hauled to secret jails and are being held, tortured, rapped and murdered without their families knowing of their whereabouts.

Conveniently Ahmadinejad forgot they refer to teenager girls under the age of 18 under the age of consent, are being sold to highest Arab sheik bidders in the Persian Guld under the name of “Brides” which apparently is endorsed by some wild interpretation of Islam allowing girls over ages 9 or 11 to be wedded.

Watch now organizations like Iranian American Council (AIC) (Amirahmadi) his new creation like National Iranian American Council( NIAC ) (Titra Parsi) their counter parts Network of Iranian American Professionals of Orange County (NIPOC) in orange county California and IMAN Islamic center through (Namazighah) in Los Angeles and IABA (Iranian BAR Association) in New York through Babaie (Babayi) or Hoghooghi and alike all of a sudden start talking dialogue between cultures.
These so-called non profit organizations do not speak for the millions of Iranian specially Millions of American Iranians. How is it that only these and a few one night stands these organizations have with other non profit organizations, find it their business to help promote dialogue with the Islamic Republic and their dictators, agents and instrumentalities. Are they and their directors agents of the Islamic Republic of Iran? Are they or their agents supported by the Evil Islamic Republic or their agents, here in the U.S. taking advantage of the American Freedoms and using it to advance the ill wished and desires of the Evil Islamic Republic of Iran?
Shouldn’t the intelligence agencies pay closer attention to the intentions of these so-called non profits or our laws and constitution allows our enemies to come to our homes, put up camps, give us the finger, use our system and freedoms, spin propaganda against U.S. and its interests and its citizens, help evil doers and spin misters to have a free ride, and we have to sit back, welcome them, give them visas, access to our banking and legal system, allow them to use our resources against us and be unable to do anything about it?
You mean to tell us with all the post 9-11 laws and acts especially the controversial bank secrecy and patriot acts, we are unable to shut down our enemies from operating within our boarders? I think not, I trust that if these instrumentality’s activities are so apparent to the average eyes, the intelligence community can not be sleep at the wheel.
Culture assumes history and something positive. Khatami, Ahmadinejad, Ayatola Khamenei and their gang are not Muslims, they are not Iranians they are nothing more than evil executioners who were handed a country.
Iran and Iranians survived the sword of Islam some 1500 years ago, and again Iran is occupied by Arabs and Iranians held hostage, except the swords has been change with a Russian made machine gun. Iranians respect equally all religions, Iranians from Zoroastrians to Cyrus the great declared the equality of human rights. Don’t mistake these dictators to be representatives of the Iranian people or true Muslims.
There are no negotiations to be had, when will these politicians get it, no one can make a deal with the devil and these Mullah's will and have put one over the devil. They are masters of deception, referred to as deception weavers as part of their training in Qum (Iran) before they achieve the title of Mullah or Akhound. This means before they can be clergies, they have to graduate the 4 year course of mastering the art of deception.
The key are the true Iranian people who love the west, transparent democracy, equal freedom and when supported will over turn these good for nothing bastards.

World Citizen, proud Iranian American

Maya M said...

My comment is a sort of reply to Terry Gain. It is a bit late, but at least Winston will read it.
I think this blog has quite many readers. The small number of comments doesn't show much, because the problems discussed are difficult and few can propose anything constructive.
For example, I often read the blog but rarely comment. As Winston knows, I have no better idea about Iran than "US bomb it, send Marines and liberate it Iraq-style". And when I cannot propose better than this, I usually prefer to stay silent.
There is in fact another solution: everybody to dig in and wait for the oil resource to be exhausted. Then, the Mullahs will go bankrupt and will step down from power.
You don't like this "solution" as well, do you? Neither do I.
When I have a better idea, I promise to share it.