Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Michael Rubin

آیا حمایت آمریکا از دگر اندیشان و مخالفان رژیمهای خاورمیانه مترادف با بوسه مرگ است؟

مقاله مایکل روبین در مورد فعالین سیاسی ایرانی
خواندن این مقاله رو به همه کسانی که علاقمند به شناخت موجودات پست و رذلی مثل حسین درخشان ملازاده و پاسدار اکبر گنجی هستند توصیه میکنم
جالب توجه است که تز دکترای اقای مایکل روبین درمورد سلسله قاجاریه میباشد و من به شخصه واقعآ برای نظرات ایشان درباره امور ایران ارزش زیادی قایل هستم

Here, I am talking about a very well-written piece on some so-called Iranian dissidents by Dr. Michael Rubin of American Enterprise Institute. It's a must read for those who want to know more about low life idiots like former security officer Akbar Ganji or mullahs' agent hoder.


Sherry said...

hi Winston.
That article was very good.

gholi said...

extremly well written. finally some Americans can understand what "fake reformist" means !

Jungle Mom said...

Thank You, for sharing an insight into the iranian mind. So often here in Venezuela, all we say are the followers of the likes of Ah MAD inejad (Yes, I know how to spell it, but prefer it this way) I find myself comforted in knowing that not all feel the same. My husband comes from a family of mixed origins, with Lebanese cousins. So I know how diverse the people of that country are and am seeing through your blog, the same is true with Iran

SERENDIP said...

Did you read Hugh Hewitt's interview with the scum, hoder?

Did you also know Khamanie performed his first marriage ceremony according to himself written in his Persian blog?

Winston said...

I noticed it yesterday and I wrote about it.