Thursday, March 8, 2007

Eternal Iran

First of all, I am surprised to find 'Eternal Iran: Continuity and Chaos' at the library of one of the most leftist universities of Canada, and second of all I am grateful of what Mr. Michael Rubin of AEI has done with respect to Iran by writing this magnificent book and several other informative articles. Michael Rubin truly understands Iran and says it like it is. And I believe he is among a very few foreign observers who have a correct grasp of reality when it comes to Iranian affairs. One wonders if his book will ever be translated into Persian language or not.

Eternal Iran tells you what you need to know about that troubled country, and I have to admit that it definitely restored my pride of being an Iranian again.

P.S: I once translated an interview of Mr. Rubin with NRO which was published on several Persian news web sites as well.

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Sherry said...

Winston, when are you going to videotape your kittens? Have they grown? Are they getting into more mischief? We need updates here!

Yes, I changed the subject. LOL Eternal Iran sounds like a very good read. You should ALWAYS be proud to be a Persian.