Friday, June 15, 2007


It's been almost three weeks since I got my new cable TV package and since then the only TV channels I have been watching the most during the pas few days are either FOXNews or Military Channel. Can't watch any other news or entertainment channels at all. I mean I can't take any more crap from biased news networks such as CNN, NBC or CBC.


Louise said...

Is it worth the price you pay for it? My TV sits in my basement. For the few channels that may be interesting (toward the top of the dial), in my opinion it's not worth it. If and when the consumer can just pick and choose only those channels they want to watch, instead of having to pay for all kinds of garbage, that's when I'll plug it in and subscribe.

Mark said...

Joel at ProudToBeCanadian will be happy to hear another Canadian is cued up on Fox.

Snake Oil Baron said...

I hear you. Now that they are blaming Israel for somehow, making Palestinians kill each other, Holocaust denial and 9-11 conspiracies are treated as mainstream, the complete history of Israel is being rewritten and the media's political commentary is coming straight out of Michael Moore and Senator Reid's mouth. I often wonder if I fell into an alternate reality after drinking too much one night.