Thursday, August 9, 2007

Alternative to arms

An interesting piece by Walid Phares lays out some idealistic alternatives to the recent Mideast arms deal:
    "Dedicate some significant funds to support the Iranian opposition, both inside the country and overseas. Establish powerful broadcasts in Farsi, Kurdish, Arabic, Azeri and in other ethnic languages directed at the Iranian population. That alone will open a Pandora's box inside Iran. Realists may find it hard to believe, but supporting the Iranian opposition (which is still to be identified) will pay off much better than AWACS flying over deserts."
A small portion of that 20 Billion dollars worth of arms deal, if gone to the genuine fight against the Iranian regime, could topple the mullahcracy faster than we imagine.


RoxieAmerica said...

These are troubled waters, and the only soution is Iran must fall.

saggezard said...

Interesting alternative, would work as well, unfortunately contemporary politicians lack courage.

ذره بین said...

سیاستمداران وینستون جان در فکر فروش سیاسیت هستند. اگر نه که برانداختن این رژیم پیزوری و توخالی و جنایتکار اینهمه کار نداشت!