Sunday, February 3, 2008

Tehran Univ. Protests

Michael Ledeen on The National Review's Corner blog:
    "Remember that the people of Iran, the students and workers and women wish to be heard by the world and they need your kind and sympathetic attention to their cause and naturally a decent reporting of their anti-government protests."
VOA Persian has reported that there are around 3000-4000 protesters on the ground at Tehran university.


chester said...

Sounds like its growing.
Thanks for the report

Azarmehr said...

And at a time like this British university SOAS lets IRI (ab)use its facilities to promote itself:

تقویم تبعید said...

وینستون عزیز
شرمنده ام که بجهت کم سوادی و عدم اطلاع از دانش واجبه انگیسی نمیتوانم مشتری دائم وبلاگت شوم
امید است با نشر خبر ها از فعالیت دانشجویان و تظاهرات علیه دستگاه خفقان و ظلم بتوان در حرکت این دوستان سهیم شد ، همچنانکه شما علاقمندانه این تجمعات و اعتراض ها را دنبال میکنید