Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hate Fest

I happened to come across a "Hate-Fest" gathering at an infamous Toronto university today afternoon and took the above photos. A few Palestinian Jihadists disguised as students in collaboration with the Leftists, Homosexuals and other useful idiots showed their pure hatred for Israel, the Jewish people and whatever modernism and democracy stand for. What I don't get are these issues: 1- How could any one of these terrorists come to Canada? 2- Where are the Canadian security services to investigate the income and funds these morons receive 3- What role do the gay and lesbian activists play in the crowd by flying their rainbow flag?

Fortunately, there were some brave Jewish/Israeli students who formed a counter rally and called these morons for what they really are.

Sorry for the bad quality. It's taken by a regular cellphone camera.


Sohrab said...

If they have so much solidarity for radical Islamists, The LGBT activists should try to stage a Pride Parade in Hamas-controlled Gaza. I'm sure it will be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Great Work!! Way to take on the unholy alliance between the left and terrorist supporters...The woman with the gay pride flag should try bringing that flag into Gaza and see what Hamas does with her

Anonymous said...

How long would the rainbo flag fly in Iran?

Khashayar said...

Looks rather tense!

Are there no moderate left groups at your university?

Anonymous said...

What difference does it make whether homosexuals would be received with open arms in Gaza or not? By doing this, these LGBT activists are transcending the boundaries to speak out for others.

Gay liberation is tied in with the liberation of anyone, anywhere at anytime. You don't have to be gay to empathize with suffering.

Winston said...

That's why if you wondered why Gays shouldn't be part of the anti-Jewish hate fests in western countries.