Friday, January 23, 2009

A Nervous Monster

The oil prices are falling down like a rock from the sky and with the tight sanctions around the Iranian regime's neck the mad Mullahs are on their toes. The Iranian regime has stepped up its efforts to crack down on dissent and is apparently getting ready for possible riots all over the country. Here the regime run Mehr News agency has published photos of security exercises in the southern port city of Bandar Abbas.
That'll be a grave mistake for Obama's government to throw a life line at these monsters in Iran by engaging them diplomatically. The regime, left to its own devices, is on the verge of financial and diplomatic collapse. Any diplomatic or economic incentive is going to save them from this mess.

More photos. And also here are more.


Rick007 said...

The Dam O Crats are in buisness to help the Muslim countries because of their no drill policys.

The price of oil is down.Lets drill our own and keep it down and let these countries sink back to the stone age.

chester said...

Yeah, they're getting nervous again. Have to show muscle -- don't want the poor people getting any ideas

Kafir said...

Rick007, at $35 per barrel, oil companies can't make a profit drilling in the US. What we need to do is to make clear that we don't have an aversion to drilling (i.e. we don't pass Congressional bans on it). That will keep the futures price down which will keep the current price down.

alison said...

God that's so true and so scary. I hope he doesn't but I fear he will.