Monday, May 4, 2009

It's up to Israel

With the defeat of common sense in the US and ascendancy of Obamanaics, I think the Israelis have felt that they've been left with the tough choice of dealing with the Iranian regime's nuclear threat. And it makes sense. The Israeli gov't doesn't suffer from delusion as much as the Americans do at this time. After all the Jewish state lives awfully close to this evil that is the Islamic regime of Iran.

However, I am happily surprised by the appointment of Professor Michael Oren of Princeton university as the new Israeli ambassador to the United States. I really like that choice. Prof. Oren knows the history of the region better than any one else and I'm extremely happy with this choice. Look what Mr. Oren has said today:
    "Israel will not remain passive while a government that's sworn to wipe it off the map acquires the means for doing that"
And it definitely is the sound policy towards the mullahs. The Islamic regime will not voluntary give up its illegal pursuit of nuclear weapons and it will come to a point where some body has to resort to force, unfortunately, to stop them. Mr. Oren is also an officer in the Israeli military.

On the other side, the former Speaker of the US Congress Newt Gingrich is calling for regime change in Iran. He's said that Obama's Iran policy is a 'fantasy'. It's unfortunate that the Regime Change option was never tried and we're closer to the military option. The US government could have done better.


Anonymous said...

Here is an Obama clip, since you are such a big fan of his:

Michael said...

I agree that Oren is a good choice for Ambassador; he's a US/Israeli dual citizen (tho if he takes the appt he'll have to permanently renounce his US passport), and is fluent in the culture and politics of both countries. He's uncompromising on Israel's right to defend itself, and clear headed on the history of the conflict.

He's not a total hawk; he does believe that Israel should pull the Jewish towns out of Judea & Samaria.

Still, he'd be a good advocate against the Obama Administration's perceived indifference to Israel's existence.

Winston said...

I understand that. But I think diplomacy takes a bit of compromise and I believe he's a good choice.

Louise said...

He sounds like a good choice.

Anonymous said...

you sure you want another war in the midEast? Anyway, israel isn't strong and brave enough to attack iran and obama is smart enough that won't even let them think about the attack.