Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sick People

I guess the mullahs are laughing their arse off seeing this shameful coward man in the White House giving them international political cover while they're massacring the sons & daughters of Iran in broad day light.

US gov't says the 4th of July BBQ party is still on for the Iranian diplomats.

Are they serious about this amid the bloodbath in Iran? This moron in the White House has his hands stained with the blood of Iranian people if he really negotiates with the murderers or keeps covering for them. Shame on you Obama! You're a coward tyrant! We don't need your help and I want you to stay the fuck away from us, you piece of #%#%#%#.


saggezard said...

Obama is acting like a typical vicious corporate lawyer protecting, defending and nourishing his clients at all costs while being fully aware of their unethical, immoral and criminal deeds.

Unknown said...

You are absolutely correct. He is a disgrace.
I am an American. I did not vote for him. and I am a life long Democrat. Hope I do not offend you but while Marie Antoinett said.."Let them eat cake"..I say..let those so called tyrant diplomats eat PORK HOT DOGS and may they choke on them as they are told what they have swallowed. I am not a Muslim.
I am praying for the Iranians in their struggle. We the people still know what that is about if this amateur Alynskyite Obama does not.

Caroline said...

This is an outrage! I CAN'T believe it! Well, I sort of can considering that I have known the truth behind the evil man in the WH since before he was elected. This really shows his true colors though. May the blood of the courageous and innocent Iranians be on his head. He will pray the price for his conniving, heartless and selfish actions.

saggezard said...

This invitation calls for a loud demonstration unless the invitation is officially retracted.

Urban Infidel said...

The nightmare of Obama is worse than I ever could have dreamed!!!

God help us and God please help the Iranians too.

Louise said...

Pray tell, what advantage to the United States would this ploy leverage? I know in the harsh reality of geopolitics, nations sometimes cozy up to unsavory characters in the interests of serving justice to even less savory characters. But in this case, what in God's name can Obama be thinking he, on behalf of the American people, can gain by this????!!!!!???

Impeach him, please!!!!

Anonymous said...


My cynical-sense is telling me that the Manchu-Riyadh “president” (or would Manchu–iran be more apt reflecting his desire for dialogue with the criminal mullah regime?) would rather seek to bring about Israel’s destruction than to help bring about under his watch, a secular Mullah-free Iran that’s in touch with its pre-islamic heritage.

Since such a turn of events would pretty much eliminate US pressure on Israel to commit Seppuku as part of obama’s delusional Af-pak “Grand Bargain”.

Matt said...

Did the strikes ever happen?

Louise said...

"I say..let those so called tyrant diplomats eat PORK HOT DOGS and may they choke on them as they are told what they have swallowed."
They probably wouldn't care. Regimes like this are very much "do as I say, not as I do" kind of people.

Winston said...

Matt, I think it did but it didnt extend to government agencies.

janemariemd said...

Great posts and blog, be assured there are Americans like me (and above) who are appalled and embarrassed by our pathetic President. I am glad I didn't vote for him, but we are stuck with him until 2012.

I pray every day for the Iranian protestors; what else can we individuals do?